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A Message from the Head

Welcome to Landon’s Upper School. Our students engage in a rigorous and rewarding program that helps them develop from boys into responsible, caring and independent young men.

The Upper School program focuses on developing the whole boy during an important time in our students’ young lives, and Landon provides a safe and engaging learning environment where boys cultivate and solidify essential skills; identify and expand areas of interest; and discover and utilize artistic and athletic talents.

Through small classes and a liberal arts curriculum that offers both breadth and depth in areas of study, students hone skills and dispositions that will serve them as responsible, life-long learners.

These are the core components of a boy’s Upper School experience:

Landon’s Teacher-Coach-Mentor Philosophy. Students develop trusting and caring relationships with teachers who also serve as their coaches and mentors. Because our educators coach our boys on the field, direct them on the stage, and serve as their advisors outside the classroom, they form very real bonds with them. When a boy feels trusted and known by the adults in his life, he is capable of delivering his very best in all of the endeavors he pursues!

Character Education. Students engage in Landon’s character education program throughout their Upper School experience. Guided by Landon’s Code of Character and student leaders who exemplify its meaning, our boys are empowered to live by the driving principles of honesty and respect. Landon is committed to developing young men of character — to developing a “Landon Man.”

Brotherhood. Students value and benefit from the close and supportive friendships they make with their fellow classmates. These relationships last a lifetime and are cherished by generations of Landon alumni!

Landon’s Upper School is a place of energy, joy, and significant intellectual, ethical and physical growth. Our students enjoy coming to school for the engaging, fun and dynamic experience that awaits them each day. I encourage you to visit and see for yourself!

My best,

Ehren Federowicz
Head of Upper School

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Collaboration + creativity = art

Art teacher Megan Rains-Mercado writes in this blog post about this year's Landon Lower School art show. The show, titled "Collaborative Portraits of Prominent Members of the Civil Rights Movement," features projects that not only build the boys' creative skills but also teach them about leadership and character through a look back at transformative figures in U.S. civil rights history.