Landon Upper Schools student working at a table in the science laboratory


In Landon’s Upper School, Forms III through VI (or Grades 9–12), we seek to challenge you academically, open your eyes to the breadth of possibilities in your future beyond Landon, and teach you the skills you will need to succeed in that future. We prepare you to excel in college, but we also encourage you to develop artistically, athletically and ethically so that you may lead a full, successful life as an accomplished, responsible and caring man. You are guided in these endeavors by your outstanding teacher-coach-mentors and, in particular, by one faculty advisor who is assigned to you for the duration of your Upper School experience and is always available to listen, offer counsel, or talk about your passions.

During both Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning, Landon's focus on academics, arts, and athletics has continued. Take a look at how students take part in art class in a hybrid model, this project focusing on axis lines and using charcoal to draw a body in motion.

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The Program



    Wellness Wednesday

    This blog post is a part of our Wellness Wednesday series and highlights the importance of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. This blog was written by Landon’s Head Athletic Trainer, Mike McCormick. 

    Kien ’22 trains for International Chemistry Olympiad

    After competing in the U.S. Nationals of the Chemistry Olympiad, Kien ’22 is one of only 20 students in the entire country to be invited to attend the Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp. The program prepares students to represent the United States in the International Chemistry Olympiad.