Succeed in the College Admissions Process

At Landon, our team of three dedicated college counselors possesses more than 60 years of college admissions experience. Over the years, we have gained insight into what the higher education institutions value in their undergraduate applicants. We use that knowledge to help students in a college search guided by fit rather than rankings.

What lies ahead in the college application process is a totally new experience. College counselors provide guidance, but each student must inevitably approach the problem as one in which he will provide the most important initiative. Our free guide is designed to help students and parents through the process of selecting and applying to colleges. Please fill out the quick form below to receive your free copy!





    Hybrid Week in Review #4

    This week, Bears on campus measured light absorbed by different solutions, practiced new pencil shading techniques, and thanked our Landon community in a special way.

    Hybrid Week in Review #3

    Bears on campus presented their latest 3D designs, used our fields to conduct science experiments on heat and energy, and shared what they know about the three branches of government with their classmates.